Eagles Long Road Out of Eden

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They don’t do music, they ARE  the music.

I saw people with tears in their eyes after the show. And not only women, even if, to be honest, in majority..

Well, who wouldn’t, especially because is no way to deny that ..when we’re hungry love will keep us alive..”

Or when you hear Glenn swearing so sweet…Baby, I would never make you cry/I would never make you blue/I would never turn away/I would never be untrue.. (No more cloudy days)

And so much more.

I wish you to listen and live more Eagles, and not to live as in Business as usual:” they rob you blind, chew you up, and it ain’t pretty/And it’s a soul suckin’, soul suckin’, soul suckin’, soul suckin’/Soul suckin’, soul suckin’ world

We traveled  days to see them for 3 unbelievable hours  and I would do this again  in a heart beat 🙂 (this to speak their great love language).

Thank you Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh,  Timothy B. Schmit


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